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On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting Is designed to give you peace of mind in knowing your pets are in the best care while you are away. You need to be confident in knowing your pets are safe in the comfort of their own home. This is accomplished by sending you detailed reports and pictures, in real time, of each visit because we understand these details are important to you. Additionally, we bring healthy goodies and fun toys with us for play time. We want your pets to enjoy and relax during each visit. Other benefits include trustful eyes on your home. We will pick up your mail, packages on the patio, water the plants, and tidy up after your pets.

Bottom Line: Enjoy your trip while your pets enjoy their stay. On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting has it covered.  



According to Smithsonian Magazine nearly all animal incidents reported to the Department of Transportation involve pets in the aircraft cargo hold. - Alastair Bland, March, 20 2013. The same article quotes Kirsten Thiesen, Director of pet care issues for the Humane Society of the United States, stating "...air travel is simply too stressful for most animals." Additionally, boarding your pets can be equally stessful and also pricey, according to PetMD.com (October, 24 2013).

With On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting travel trauma is completely eliminated for your pet and for you. Give yourself and your pets a stress free experience With On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting.



On-Guard was founded with one single purpose in mind and that is to never see a pet owner have to experience the Stress and Guilt of having a demanding life and a hectic schedule while being a pet owner. We take pride in offering you the customized care you and your pets need. No timeline is too short to book our services. Got that trip reserved yet? Have business out of town? Need your Dog walked? Coming into town and staying at a hotel and need a beach day without your pet? Need a companion for your pet while attending an event like a wedding or lunch with an old friend? A Midday lunchtime walk and play time is a great way to keep your dog from getting bored and doing naughty things like eating your new shoes or pulling the fabric off the couch. Whatever your needs are, we are available. If there is anything we did not mention and it has to do with pet care, we are confident we can fulfill your all your needs. 

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Why On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting?

"What People are saying about us"


"I highly recommend Tawny to care for your pets! We always had photo and video updates. We also had new cat toys pop out of cat hiding spots. Always happy, on-time and informative."

Ginni & Chris Cook

"Don't leave your pets at home to fend for themselves. And don't skip the vacation because you have pets. Go out and live. Visit family, see the world. I hired Tawny because she's trustworthy, and above all, nurturing to my cat. The service goes far beyond the scope of what I was expecting. She doesn't just stop in and feed and clean. she spends time with the pets for a little TLC. She is my most trusted hire for pet sitting."

                                   Mario D. Haggerty  (Google, 5 Stars)

"I highly recommend Tawny, she is very caring and professional. She sends me regular updates to let me know all is well. I couldn't be more pleased with her service."

                                Robert W. Smith  (Google, 5 Stars)

" Tawnya (On Guard Pet Sitting) is the greatest pet sitter we've ever had. She goes above and beyond to make you feel at ease while you're away and she seriously spoils your pets. She took care of our three cats and bunny while we went out of town and they were seriously happy campers. We got a lot of awesome pictures of all our pets throughout out trip and very thorough feedback on everyone's well being. Tawnya even brought a bunch of toys for my pets to play with (one of which is still my cat's fav of all time). It's also worth noting that she's really knowledgeable on pet health and warning signs to look out for which helps put you at ease even more. Tawnya's awesome and if we still lived in the Colonial Beach area we'd be calling her all the time to take care of our pets. "

                            Christopher  Bogdanowicz  (Google, 5 Stars)

"Only place I trust my dogs care when I travel, They Treat Lola like she belongs to them."

Bill Croom 

" I have nothing but good things to say about Tawnya from On-Guard. My wife and I are gone at work all day and she takes all the stress out of leaving our dogs at home. Tawnya is very reliable and loves our fur babies like they are her own. We even get updates and pictures every day to let us know how everything is going. I highly recommend On-Guard for anything from drop-ins to overnight stays." 

                                 Ryan Stepp  (Google , 5 Stars)

" Okay so I can ramble on and on about how wonderful my experience was with having a pet sitter but just to cut to the chase I got pictures of my pets everyday while we was away for 9 days on vacation she went as far as to replacing the lock on my back gate while we were gone due to it being broken I couldn't express enough how much that it was appreciated while we were gone but I will forever and always call on guard Professional Pet sitting when we have to leave for a day a night or month try her out thanks "

                                    Bruce Becraft  (Google, 5 Stars) 

"This is a wonderful company!! We recently moved to the area and had no one to watch our 3 pets while on vacation. I reached out to them and problem was solved. She was patient with my senior dog who doesn’t do well with strangers and now they are the best of friends. We will never use another company for our pets!!! "

                                       Allison & Rob Stegall   (Google 5 Stars)

"After moving to the area about a month ago, I was nervous about finding someone to watch my dog while I was at work. After meeting Tawnya and having her take care of my baby every day, I realized I should have never been nervous. Tawnya goes above and beyond for the dog and for me. I know Luna is happy to see her and she is extremely well taken care of while I am not home. Tawnya has even helped me get acclimated to the area and will do some light housekeeping chores if she has time as an added bonus during her pet visits. She has brought my baby new toys and treats. She even sends me the most amazing pictures of my dog every day.  If you need a pet sitter look no further, there is no one better. Your pet will be in the best hands"

                      Kayleigh Elizabeth (Google, 5 Stars)

"What Questions are People are asking"


Who will be coming into my home while I am away?

The owner of On-Guard Professional Pet Sitting will be the only person caring for your pets and watching your home while you are gone. Pet sitting is not just for anyone. It is a big responsibility and is something we take very seriously. I am also Pet CPR and First-aid Certified. 

What happens if my travel plans are delayed and I don't make it back due to issues out of my control?

Plans do change all the time and the flexibility is what anyone needs when traveling or scheduling daily visits at the beginning of each week. We are happy to make adjustments to accommodate your needs. We also will not stop making visits in the event we loose communication until we know for sure you are home safe.

How do you handle home access and keys?

Your choice. It depends on how you want me to access your home. We will never ask you to install a "Lock Box" or "Hide a Key''. We will not allow anyone to have access to the key or know what address matches the key.  Many clients want us to have a key to keep in case of  emergency when they have a long commute or travel consistently.   

What happens if my pet has an accident or you find pet vomit?

I will clean it the best way possible. I will also notify you of the issue and keep a close eye on your pet to make sure there is no sign of illness. Some pets do vomit randomly. Hairballs or eating to fast are the most causal factors.

How many pets will you watch?

I will watch as many healthy pets as you have but  prices may change a little beyond five. I also watch Rabbits, Iguanas, Gerbils, Hamsters, Fish, Crabs, Turtles, Monkeys, Birds. We NEVER discriminate. Pit Bulls are welcome.

Do you board pets at your location?

We do not board animals because of the health risks and safety risks to your pets. Boarding comes with dangers like illnesses and anxiety that can effect your dogs for life.  Keeping your pets healthy, comfortable and safe is important to us and is why we come to you. We will do multiple visits and make sure your pet is loved, played with and made to feel special during each visit. Having someone come to your home also keeps your home safe, mail and packages are brought in and different lights are left on to look like some one is home. We even water plants and take out the trash. 

Do you Dog Walk?

Yes! If it is a safe match. If your dog is 75 to 100 lbs I will ask that the owner and I walk the dog together the first time to make sure I can control the dog for the entire walk. This is commonly overlooked by all of the big dog walking/ sitting companies. There is no excuse for it and I make it my rule to prevent a tragic outcome. Your pets life means more to me than a few dollars. 

Do you bond with the pets you take care of?

I always bond with the pets I take care of. It is the most important attribute to this career. One, I love animals. Two, I need to see if a pet is not well.   Then I take the steps to see what is wrong and contact the owner to make a plan. Depending on the situation I usually make extra visits to make sure they are going to be okay. If the client is away, I will take the pet to the vet if needed. 

How long do you stay during each visit?

We try to stay as long as it takes to care for your pet and give him plenty of attention and love. Some pets are easier and other pets require more. This can change with each visit. I don't put time restrictions on how long a visit may be. Some visits can be 20/25 minutes or and other days 40 minutes or more.  Depending on the pets and their needs. They always get what they need with love and attention. I never forget the impotence of making each pet feel special.  Each day varies and I will never leave if I feel a pet is not alright.  

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